Here comes summer

Center ParcsAnyone  needing proof of the continued popularity of picture postcards today need look no further than the holiday destination Center Parcs, which has five locations in England and a sixth soon to open in Ireland. Sister company Center Parcs Europe operates 23 sites, in France, Holland, Belgium and Germany. Each centre has a stack of postcards available in its dedicated Gift Store, each helpfully numbered with a prefix indicating the location eg. SF = Sherwood Forest. There are also a number of generic cards which can be sold at any of the centres. The postcards are a mix of views and wildlife, and, according to one of the sales assistants, extremely popular. Center Parcs have a captive audience while on site (think TV programme The Prisoner, (filmed at Portmeirion in North Wales) though you are allowed to leave at the end of your stay! However, their postcards are not way over the top at 55p, so good on them for that. Could these postcards become as collectable as those of Butlin’s holiday camps? They are not as well populated with guests as the Butlin’s ones were, instead conveying images of the rural idylls that CP promote their locations as. Center Parcs postcards have been produced since 1992, when the first site opened, and plenty of them are available on eBay, with some of the European ones at a  £3 asking price.