Modern card prices outstrip some Edwardian ones!

While postcard dealers at fairs are busy trying to offload stacks of unwanted Edwardian postcards at anything from 10 to 50p each, the cost of a contemporary postcard from shops and museums seems to rise inexorably, with £1 a card being not uncommon. Postcards are still cheap compared with folded greetings cards, some of which are now priced as high as £3 – £5, but it’s still an eye-opener to see some of the cards that are going for £1. This price has been normal for some time at big sports venues such as Wimbledon or Trent Bridge cricket ground, but I was surprised to see some pretty mundane Robin Hood-themed card at this price at the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre recently. They weren’t even classy postcards! While viewcards in cities and at seaside resorts can still be picked up cheaply, it seems that more exclusive cards are seen as an item that can be marked up for tourists and event-goers.