Send me a postcard

According to a recent poll (who does these things??!!) 23% of young people (10-25) didn’t recognise a picture postcard, one of a number of items they were asked to identify. Now while it’s no surprise to learn that teenagers don’t use postcards (they have quicker ways of communicating), I was shocked to find such a large number didn’t even know what one was! The trouble is, postcards do not plop onto the doormats of houses as regularly as they once did, and holidaymakers don’t write and send them as a matter of course, so youngsters are not used to seeing postcards in their homes. Postcards still have an iconic aura, though, and are still bought (but not necessarily mailed) in their millions. So let’s ask the question – how often do postcard collectors and dealers send cards through the post? Shouldn’t we all be doing something to promote the genre? We are, after all, trying to encourage more people to collect postcards. Let’s give it a go – send a postcard whenever you can!..