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Picture Postcard Annual 1984 edition

Author : Brian & Mary Lund
Price : £2.95

The 1984 edition includes articles on * Comic postcards * Fantasy by gaslight * Calendar cards * Industrial unrest in Edwardian England * Redcar memories * Fore - or Tee for Two * The 1905 Australian cricket tourists * Player's please * Triumph of the Merry Widow * Identifying foreign topographicals * Foreign affairs in the early twentieth century * Strange happenings at the Summer Solstice * The French XConnection * Seaside Pier damage * View from a hill * Raphael Tuck * Selling by postcard * A bit on the side * Shell-shocked * The Old Curiosity Shop * Maps and Montage in Stratford * Dudley Hardy postcards * Moderns: National Railway Museum cards and features dates of 1984 postcard fairs and auctions, directory of postcard dealers, fair organisers and auctions, a comprehensive bibliography of postcard literature, index of past PPM articles, the postcard scene around the world and postcard club profiles. The world of postcards in one place!

Picture Postcard Annual 1984 edition