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Reflections Postcard Books

Picture Postcard Annual 1984 edition

Brian & Mary Lund

The 1984 edition includes articles on * Comic postcards * Fantasy by gaslight * Calendar cards * Industrial unrest in Edwardian England * Redcar memories * Fore - or Tee for Two * The 1905 Australian cricket tourists * Player's please * Triumph of the Merry Widow * Identifying foreign topographicals * Foreign affairs in the early twentieth century * Strange happenings at the Summer Solstice * The French XConnection * Seaside Pier damage * View from a hill * Raphael Tuck * Selling by postcard * A bit on the side * Shell-shocked * The Old Curiosity Shop * Maps and Montage in Stratford * Dudley Hardy postcards * Moderns: National Railway Museum cards and features dates of 1984 postcard fairs and auctions, directory of postcard dealers, fair organisers and auctions, a comprehensive bibliography of postcard literature, index of past PPM articles, the postcard scene around the world and postcard club profiles. The world of postcards in one place!


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