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  • Picture Postcard Monthly has been around for 38 years, during which time it has kept collectors in touch with what’s happening in the world of postcards, and featured articles on most subjects under the sun. It has tried, and still continues to try, to be informative, humorous, educational, advisory and sociable. So it has always raised my eyebrows when collectors say they’ve (a) never heard of it or (b) never read it. I mean, come on! How can you manage without it? For the monthly price of one cheap postcard, you can have access to the latest fair dates, gossip, …read more

  • The recent deaths of postcard dealers and personalities Christine Booth from Bristol and Ken Hassell of Glossop will leave a big void in the postcard world. Christine was a generous and knowledgeable lady with over 40 years experience in the hobby, beginning with the lovely specialist postcard shop she ran in Barnstaple’s Cross Street. She was a leading authority on Louis Wain, compiling the catalogue devoted to his cards, and always had a very fine stock of artistic postcards in various subjects (especially artist-drawn animals). Royalty was another of her passions. She played a big part in organising the postcard fairs …read more

  • How come dealers can’t wait to escape from a fair? I don’t mean all of them, but there are some serial offenders…. So a postcard – or antique – fair is advertised as being open to the public for stated hours. Doesn’t that obligate the dealers to keep their stalls open until closing time? They are, after all, part of a shop for the day, and you wouldn’t expect M & S to shut down an hour early. But whatever the advertised closing time of an event, you can bet some dealers will be itching to leave at anything up …read more