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Reflections Postcard BooksNelson Postcard Hero
Peter Nelson

An extensive collection of Nelson-related picture postcards dated from 1905 to 2005. This book aims to provide a postcard- illustrated timeline with......more
Reflections Postcard BooksA Postcard from the Fifties
Gillian Jackson

This book is packed with 270 illustrations providing a flavour of life in Britain in 1950's. The pace of living very different from today. ISBN......more
Reflections Postcard BooksThe Postcard Century softback
Tom Phillips

Reflections Postcard BooksEdwardian Childhood on old picture postcards
Brian and Mary Lund

This book features 120 suberb photographic postcards, portraying children and their environment in the reign of Edward V11. Included are street......more
Reflections Postcard BooksBonzo: George Studdy & his postcards
Babb & Owen

A comprehensive guide to the life and work of the artist who created 'The Studdy Dog', George Ernest Studdy. ISBN 0903685 23 X...more
Reflections Postcard BooksGolf on old picture postcards
Tom Serpell

The turn of the twentieth centuy was the heyday for golf. The sport was depicted on a huge variety of cards: famous course, championship, seaside......more
Reflections Postcard BooksPolitics in Britain on old postcards
lan McDonald

A suberb album of picture postcards which, along with Ian McDonald's expert commentary, tell the story of the big issues that occupied people in......more
Reflections Postcard BooksBilliards & Snooker on old postcards
Roger Lee

A suberb album of 120 picture postcards spanning the twentieth century shows off both the games of billiards and snooker to best best advantage......more

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