The diversity of Aurelio Bertiglia

Italian Postcard Artist 1891 - 1973 ~ Diana Lawer

The most popular postcard illustrators favoured by collectors have their own inimitable and easilyrecognisable style. One glance at examples of thework of artists such as Mabel Lucie Attwell, Tom Browne, Donald McGill, George Studdy and Louis Wain makes for instant identification.

One clear exception to this rule, however, is Aurelio Bertiglia, whose artistic styles are as varied as were his many subject interests and commercial outlets. Little biographical information is available about this popular artist but details on an Italian dealer's website reveal that he was born in Brusas-co, near Chivassoin North West Italy, on 23 June 1891.

He was a self-taught illustrator who began producing postcards for Italian publishers from the age of 14.

His incredible output of wellover 10,000 cards - almost as many as Donald McGill spanned periods before and after both World Wars. Some believe that heutilised his talents exclusively for postcards but others maintain that this versatile painter was also a commercial artist and caricaturist who worked in many fields, including magazine illustration, fashion designand as a graphic designer for publicity material and music scores.

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